Hotels, Meeting Rooms & Event Space in Dubai

Dubai's world-class infrastructure, strategic location, excellent connectivity, diverse range of venues, accommodation options, safety, rich cultural experiences, and entertainment offerings make it a great destination for meetings and events.

  • World-class infrastructure: Dubai is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities. The city boasts a wide range of world-class venues, including conference centers, convention halls, and luxury hotels with spacious meeting rooms. The advanced technology, efficient transportation systems, and high-speed internet connectivity ensure smooth and seamless event operations.
  • Strategic location: Dubai is strategically located, making it a convenient meeting point for attendees from around the world. The city serves as a major transportation hub, with direct flights to numerous destinations worldwide. Its central location between Europe, Asia, and Africa allows for easy accessibility and shorter travel times for participants.
  • Excellent connectivity: Dubai has a well-connected transportation network, including an extensive metro system, taxis, and buses. This makes it easy for attendees to navigate the city and reach their event venues and accommodations. Dubai's international airport is one of the busiest in the world, offering direct flights to over 200 destinations.
  • Diverse range of venues: Dubai offers a diverse range of venues to suit different types of meetings and events. From large-scale convention centers and exhibition halls to luxurious hotels and resorts, there are options available for events of all sizes. Many venues in Dubai also offer cutting-edge technology, advanced audiovisual capabilities, and flexible meeting spaces.
  • Accommodation options: Dubai is home to a wide range of accommodation options, catering to various budgets and preferences. The city offers a plethora of luxury hotels with world-class amenities, as well as mid-range and budget-friendly options. Many hotels in Dubai also have dedicated event spaces and meeting facilities, making it convenient for attendees to stay and attend events in the same location.
  • Safety and security: Dubai is known for its high level of safety and security. The city has a low crime rate and a strong emphasis on maintaining a secure environment for residents and visitors. This ensures that attendees can feel safe and comfortable during their time in Dubai.
  • Rich cultural experiences: Despite its modernity, Dubai has a rich cultural heritage and offers unique experiences for attendees. From traditional souks and historical sites to art galleries and museums, there are opportunities to immerse in Emirati culture and history. Attendees can also enjoy traditional performances, camel rides, and desert safaris, adding a touch of Arabian charm to their event experience.
  • Entertainment and leisure options: Dubai is known for its vibrant entertainment and leisure offerings. Attendees can indulge in world-class shopping experiences, visit iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah, and enjoy a wide range of recreational activities such as desert dune bashing, water sports, and golfing. The city's lively nightlife scene also provides ample opportunities for networking and socializing after the events.
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We found meeting 6 hotels & venues matching your search criteria

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts - Dubai
Guest rooms: 302
Twin rooms: 25
Ballroom surface: 464 sqm
Open year: 2003

Novotel Dubai World Trade Centre & One Central

Accor Hotels - Dubai
Guest rooms: 412
Twin rooms: 92
Ballroom surface: 126 sqm
Renovation year: 2015

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates

Kempinski - Dubai
Guest rooms: 388
Twin rooms: 120
Ballroom surface: 150 sqm
Renovation year: 2016

Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai

Kempinski - Dubai
Guest rooms: 389
Twin rooms: -
Ballroom surface: 612 sqm

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai

Mandarin Oriental - Dubai
Guest rooms: 256
Twin rooms: 80
Ballroom surface: 700 sqm
Open year: 2019

Sofitel Dubai Downtown

Accor Hotels - Dubai
Guest rooms: 344
Twin rooms: 44
Ballroom surface: 460 sqm
Renovation year: 2021