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Julien Delerue

Founding & Managing Partner

Julien is highly regarded as one of the leading technopreneurs and industry veterans in the corporate meetings sector. He is the Founding and Managing partner of 1000Meetings which has an expanding portfolio of operations in the Asia Pacific region. Right after graduating with a computer science degree in 2003, Julien started his career in the IT industry founding his own company specialized in developing SaaS B2B applications in France. With a deep interest in China, he decided to move to Shanghai in 2005 and shortly after in 2008, he founded 1000Meetings, a leading platform that incorporates technology and innovative solutions to help corporate planners procure key meetings and event spaces globally. Under Julien’s stewardship, 1000Meetings has grown into a key driving force in enabling strategic meetings management initiatives for corporates both in and outside of China. His and his team's success has led to more than 15,000 hotel partnerships being signed up over the last 12 years.

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Julien Delerue