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A decade in 1000meetings - Jiaxin

Posted on 2021-04-29

Shanghai, April 2021.
An interview with Jiaxin Cao, a team member who recently celebrated her 10th year with the company. 


I started my journey with 1000meetings as an intern and in the blink of an eye, it’s been 10 years. While experiencing my life’s journey from graduation till marriage, I’ve also been at the forefront of witnessing the company’s growth from a single product offering to its diversified business model today; from just a handful of us to a team of more than 10 and there’s even a Singapore office now!

As the finance person, I take great pleasure in the monthly reports and sharing with Julien how many more invoices I’ve issued during the month and our profitability! Of course, there are also down times such as 2020 but with prudency, great support and trust from our hotel partners, we’ve weathered our toughest year ever and I believe that the future is bright for 1000meetings.

While going for interviews in search of an internship, I came to a realisation that it is truly not my cup of tea with regards to practices such as shouting of company slogans and group exercises (haven’t we already done that enough as students!). And things were certainly different when it came to 1000meetings. Admittedly... it was the suaveness of the boss that attracted me at the beginning. Julien was seriously handsome back then and an eye candy is definitely an upside to mental wellbeing, isn’t it? Team dinner on New Year’s Eve took place at a Japanese Izakaya and it was not just any Izakaya but one that has rave reviews online; totally unexpected and I loved it.  (*^^*)

And there has always been surprises and something interesting every year since then. Us decorating a Christmas Tree together, Julien bringing his scooter for us to play with, company trip to Thailand etc. We’ve always been able to have fun together even with our busy schedules. At the moment, we’re in the zone of doing morning juices and you can tell that everyone is just filled with warmth and happiness.

As for my expectations of the next 10 years… I shall not wait that far out and share my wishes for next year! I hope that the company would continue to evolve and grow year after year, with nary a dull day. And to my colleagues, I have but just one sentence – let’s work together till we retire! Hahahaha



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